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Do you feel you would like to let go of resistance and go with the flow? Then spend a moment today to flourish in the beautiful freeing light of the Golden, Silver and Violet flame xx


Divine intervention brought me and Diana Cooper together to combine our energies to write three wonderful books Enlgihtenment Through Orbs; Ascension Through Orbs and The Keys to the Universe. This was such a beautiful journey which allowed my ascended self to share more of my Divine light to the world. 

Shuffle These Cards For Your Divine Guidance For Today

Kathy’s life path is to channel universal energies to bring messages to aid connection with the higher self, spirit, soul and monad - the Divine I AM. As these connections strengthen, knowledge returns and the most wonderful possibilities can then manifest. Kathy receives messages of inspiration and guidance to help people to develop both spiritually and emotionally and this frequently entails coming from a deeper, spiritual perspective.    Kathy will often work on the inner planes; working with energy and showing people how to connect to the higher angelic realms themselves and to aid their pathway to ascension.  Kathy’s true passion is helping people to embrace their Divine I AM connection.   This is fully demonstrated during Kathy’s 1 to 1 appointments, and her fun-filled, interactive courses and events. To be introduced to one’s own life paths and when appropriate receive healing from the Angelic ones is something very special.

My session with Kathy was absolutely unbelievable.  I cried at the information that came through because it was so profound.  With the help of her guides and angels, Kathy was able to get to the heart of the matter and give me clear information about why I went through such a dark time over the last 11 years.  She shared a lot of insight and knowledge with me and it helped me move forward in my life with a renewed faith and confidence in my abilities.   She has such an amazing gift, is a humble soul and has a great sense of humour.  Kathy is the most gifted Medium I have ever met and I just can’t say enough good things about her. 

Lynn from Canada

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Would you like to learn how to?


  • Understand your energy

  • Balance your chakras and cleanse your aura to bring balance to mind, body and spirit

  • Connect to your spirit guides and angels

  • Understand the universal spiritual laws and how they can enable your life to flow

  • Connect with Orbs

  • Work with the Keys to the Universe

  • Develop your psychic gifts

  • Develop and follow your path for the greater good

Would you like?


  • To be the master of your destiny

  • To have true inner peace & happiness

  • To really LOVE YOU

  • To open your heart and stand in your power

  • To know your life path

  • To develop your own psychic abilities

  • To connect and understand relevance to your past lives

  • To connect to your guardian angel

  • To connect to the universal beings to forward your ascension.






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