Our Human Self

I have recently been asked about the ego, the higher self, the spirit, the soul and our monad. This is coming up more and more as people are resonding to the desire to ascend to aid the raising in Global Consicousness and to walk their spiritual path.

So in brief; the ego is when our human conscious triggers our human physiology and it releases andrenaline in our physical self, encouraging us to ignore our higher self and go it alone, without our higher guidance. Oh boy! How often has this got us in a pickle? Often ending in us kicking off or shutting down or riding rough shot over anyone else to get what our human self wants. Sound familiar?

Our higher self, bless it, is trying so hard at the moment to encourage us to let go of fear and to love ourselves so very very much,. When we do this, we will listen to the inner feeling (the one our ego overrides) and act on it bringing us on our spiritual pathway. Then as we allow our higher self to guide us, we begin to connect more and more to our monad - The Divine I AM and we can access our blueprint, our knowlege and skills and bring these into our human existence.

Life is a journey, one of exploration of the higher self. Healing the human resistence by connecting to your scared heart is a very good place to start to embrace this journey.

#Soul #Monad #Healing

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