The Winds of Change are Blowing

February 29, 2016

As the winds of change blow through the darkest depths of the human self to enable the Global Consicsiusness to rise, the human physical existence will feel the change. This consciousness change started in 2009 and has been building ever since and will continue to do so until 2032 when the human ego will have learnt to trust the Divine I AM. 


The emotional body moves at a quicker pace than the physical, so mindfulness is required to allow human patience for the phyiscal to adjust.


Sometimes this requires a total letting go of control to allow us to support your human physical self.


Be open to the flow of ascension in all areas of your body; in time if the ego still resists you will find it more difficult to assimilate the higher guidance that you have become so used to working with


Please spend time to embrace working with us to allow this resitence to remove. Just ask

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