7 March 2016 Moon in Aquarius

Oh boy! What a very interesting astrological time it is right now. As the astrological year comes towards its end, it brings forth this very transformational time. It is called the 12th House of Karma..

You can’t see the moon, yet you can really feel the emotions and they can feel wonderful and enlightening and things just flow easily. Life is full of optimism and brilliant ideas just keep coming. Or the flip side is you feel empty and irritable. One thing is for sure and that is endings have to end, as it is the end of a cycle and anything and everything is possible.

Exciting times! You will move from that empty feeling to alive within, and those in your life that no longer serve you will move on and your destiny will start to unfold. If you haven’t already done this, or at least started, it really is the perfect time to heal the past; for you deserve the best and the here and now has no time for the mental games the past can play. Dwelling on the past is no longer an option! The past has gone. Let it go! Be grateful for the experiences and start living life in the now. Love Life!.

Enfold your aura in the golden, silver violet flame and ask Archangels Chamuel, Zadkiel and Mariel to allow your human self to welcome and accept that it is naturally connected to your higher self. Let this manifest and become secure. Be assured that this will create a lot of activity to bring about the ending of things that cannot be a part of our lives now. Things that need changing, healing or fixing to create an energy change to move things from inertia of being stuck in the past to creating momentum for the future.

Destiny – this really is what this dark karmic moon phase is all about. Be calm, be patient and trust in your life – Good things always come to those who wait!

So please use this time wisely; meditate and call in the Archangels to help you heal. If you are feeling empty and that something is missing, this is great as this means something is coming. Be grateful that you feel irritable because means you have had enough now of waiting and dwelling on the past, you are ready to move on and embrace your destiny. Allow this transformation to occur.

So if you get annoyed, frustrated or angry, it will be just a waste of the most wonderful time to relax and chill whilst you wait for the New Moon to appear. Patience. It is the morning of your life.

#MooninAquarius #2016Darkmoonphase

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