Full and Blue Moon in Sagittarius and the Retrogrades!

I have had calls and messages from people asking what is going on because they are so tired. This is the message shared with me by our lovely universal friends.

At 11:11am on the 21 December 2012 after 260,000 years of preparation the portals of heaven opened. Light from Source illuminated everyone and everything and heart centres throughout the universes lit up. The ascension process into the New Golden Age started. On this day many people all over the world worked to balance their hearts with love and wisdom and were open to receive Source light through their 12 Chakras. This was the new beginning and we were guided to be patient and to let go of 3rd Dimensional fears and allow our Higher Self to guide us. This has been and still is a journey of tears and laughter as we become more enlightened and connected to our Divine I AM light.

Between the Cosmic Moment and today we have been sharing energetic advancements in readiness of today. Today is the 21 May 2016. The beginning of the Awakening.

The deep exhaustion that many are feeling is because they have been undergoing a Spiritual Metamorphosis. The seed of change was planted during the Cosmic Moment. Many people will have a feeling of a scream from inside asking to be free; wanting to be let out! They will feel they are so near to the surface but can’t quite break through and embrace their Higher Pathway.

Today is the beginning of the new life as it surfaces and the first breath is taken. It will be a very emotional day as we are pulled to align with our truth and work to bring this into balance. That much desired shift in perspective will happen over the next few days. You are being called to become the Spiritual Warrior to see through the seductive ways of our conscious ‘human self’ and instead illuminate the Vitality of your Life Force; Work with Ray 1, the Red Ray of Divine Will Purpose to help you step away from ego driven fear and fully embrace self-love. Please be illuminated and understand that darkness shows us our light; so please have an open heart and a willingness to accept the shadows and learn from them.

The Full Blue Sagittarius Full Moon is opposed by Gemini at this time which can really help us to achieve balance. As we emerge into the new, please embrace both the Gemini energy to get comfortable in your surroundings and the Sagittarius energy to explore all things new. Please do not sit on your feelings, instead it is time to express them. Call on Archangel Michael and El Moyra to join the energies or Courage and Will Purpose to help you express in an empowered and enlightened way.

As we are not out of Mercury Retrograde quite yet, please ask questions and build your plan of action, but maybe just wait a couple of days before turning this into action…may just prevent a few hold ups along the way for you.

And lastly, as Sagittarius is very prominent please focus all this new found enthusiasm and relax….we don’t want things which could be wonderful blown out of proportion. Instead see your new leaves as they emerge from the soil and focus your enthusiasm on feeling how amazing this is and learn about your newly freed energy. It is time to meditate and to allow your Divine I AM to show you what it is that you really want to do.

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