The Yellow Ray of Harmony - Ray 9

Photograph by Eugene McGill - Ascension Through Orbs by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell

Do you find that you have such a strong inner feeling that things should be better than they are? Do you sit in disbelief at the way some people behave in the world? Do you find that you react to situations shown on the news by either getting annoyed, or emotionally frozen in disbelief or you get drawn into the drama or you find it all too much and get very upset or stick your head in the sand because it is all too much to comprehend? If any of this resonates with you, then your ego is out of balance with your higher self and it is important to bring it back into balance.

For at least the last 30 years I have been working with spirit and now, more than any time before, it is so very important for humanity to balance the ego (intellect) with their spirit.

Ascension into the higher energetic realms is a personal journey and one which is to be embraced as enlightening and empowering.

The journey starts with understanding the Spiritual Laws and how your ego challenges these, exposing your patterned behaviours. This may be very challenging especially for people who resist and cling on to the pain in preference to the release.

The journey then evolves into acceptance, healing and movement in the stuck energy starts to occur. Intellectually this can be a real test of relinquishing control in favour of following your higher guidance.

The journey then moves you towards wanting to focus on self-love and you start to understand your chakras and how the energy flow impact on your ‘human self’ and how this can limit or enhance your connection to and understanding of your higher guidance. – Connecting to the 4th dimension.

As you become more enlightened and connected to your higher-self and your self-love blossoms you become aware of your Divine I AM spark (your original essence of light) and you become inspired to connect with the Angelic Beings to ask their guidance to help you walk your pathway, each and every day, in the 5th Dimension shining your light for humanity, our planet and the universe.

When you achieve this level of ascension you are willing to continue to learn about self-mastery and listen to how your ego can still sometimes want control and how to work with the Angels and Masters to support your ego to let go and return to work in harmony between your mind and spirit. You will be looking at how your higher self can guide you to work on the inner planes and on the Earth plane to help our beautiful planet return to a golden age of light.

By working with the Yellow Ray you can seek the guidance of Master Voosloo to help you to be the best you can be so you can work to bring peace and tranquility to whatever situation you are focused on.

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