May 2017 - Mercury goes Direct :)

May 2017 - a month where our beautiful Mercury turns direct. Phew! I can hear you all saying! In just a couple of days, on 3rd May, this will allow us all to get communications matters in order again as the month progresses. So maybe consider when you speak about confrontational things to ensure you get a more welcome response.

Then just a few days later, on 10th of May, we will see the stunning full Moon in Scorpio which is going to encourage us all to take a look at ourselves, challenge our emotional behaviour as we continue our journey of soul awareness. This is crucial.

Try and be on the ball emotionally as Mercury enters Taurus on 16th May and remains until 6 June. During this time really keep the focus on manifesting as Mercury wants us to focus on the material world and how to secure our place in it.

A New Moon in Gemini on 25th May encourages us all to multitask. Hopefully, we have got our patterned behaviours in check and we have understood that being the best we can be, being grateful for what we have and to ask for support to bring in abundance is the way to be.We will then be encouraged to begin multiple ventures that stimulate our minds.

Get this right as your communication strategy and your kind words can only help us to achieve great sales related endeavors. Get ready! Get busy! 25th May for two weeks will be very favourable for this!

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