The Lionsgate Full Moon

Have you been feeling really inspired yet also a bit growly with situations and people? Does your heart and soul just want to get on now? Just had enough of all the hanging around? Feel like making big changes? Throwing away the old book and starting a new? Are you feeling a whole new love of life?

Then you are really embracing the early July to end of August ascension.

July 9th saw the Capricorn Full moon which brought us the transformational power of Pluto. This raised deep feelings and emotions to transmute and clear. For many these have made life very emotional, to the point where they just can’t see the way forward and they want to down tools and leave. For others, they have accepted the emotions, acknowledged them and let them go and focused on their goals.

This is a time when grasping that we are multi-dimensional is so very important. You have heard me talk of the 3rd dimensional magnet which swings us back into the ego dimension. See this as a necessary short trip to support someone who is still living much of their life in this energy.

We have Sirius offering us still the effect of its energy to lead us towards the New Codes to guide us to raise our energy.

The 7th August eclipse offers us a much stronger like to the Divine feminine light

As we embrace the Lionsgate on 8 August we should try and remain in our 5th dimensional light, acknowledge any 3D activity going on around us, any 3D emotions that rise and let them go in favour of inner peace.

Moving towards the 21 August eclipse will see us wanting to just get rid of all the annoying emotional dramas and in fact transmute everything not in alignment with the New Light.

I thought I wold pull a Keys to the Universe Card to see which key we are to call on now. Wow! Perfect card for right now….

Channelling by Kathy Crosswell 07/08/2017

Key 37 Time and Speed

Time is not linear. In the third dimension, if you are impatient, unhappy, have unfinished business or resit the flow, it goes slowly. In the 4th Dimension you are aware of an action, know it doesn’t serve you well, yet are not taking any action. Only by raising your consciousness can put you into the perfect flow, so in the 5th Dimension you trust the universe to serve your highest good and relax. In the 6th Dimension you experience the two realities at once, while in the 7th Dimension the world stands still as you have enlightenment experiences and moments of oneness.

Guidance: surround yourself with crystal-clear light and sit in silence.

Action: Cut away everything that is preventing your dreams from coming true.

Key: let go and go with the flow.

The Keys to the Universe Cards by Kathy Crosswell and Diana Cooper

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