The Super Blue Blood Moon 31 January 2018 - things you can do for you!

As everyone is aware today sees the beautiful and stunning Super Blue Blood Moon. As i was driving to visit my mum in hospital it illuminated the way and stayed by side the whole journey. A truly enchanting experience.

So what is special about the moon today?

Its SUPER because it orbits closer to Earth today and is 14% brighter. I certainly saw and felt this.

Its BLUE because it is the second full moon this month.

Its BLOOD because it passes through the Earth's shadow (eclipse) and turns reddish during this transitional phase.

It is also the first time in 150 since this trilogy has occurred and boy has it got some surprises in store for us.

It affects everything you hold dear - this may be relationships, your own behaviour, success or things you own or value.(to name a few).

So! What can we do to embrace this wonderful topsy turvy transformation astrological experience.

Firstly, we need to recognise that whatever occurs, of our own making or not will play out until 27 July 2018 when the completing eclipse of this experience occurs.

I am sure, like me, you would like some wonderful things to come forward for us, so we need to take some actions. So let's do these together to feel a sense of support. Each day for the next 7 days i will post an exercise to help with each of these. I may even post a video,or audio meditations.!

So here we go!

1 - it is definitely time to let out any bottled up emotions and to feel and experience the letting go. It is time to grow brave and strong and embrace the emotions by setting the ground rules that everyone can safely express without judgement. The outcome of this is to OPEN UP YOUR HEART. When you achieve this then your heart can receive all that your heart desires and all that is naturally shared with you.

2 - Right now is definitely a time for introspection. What this requires is complete honesty with yourself about your traits, behaviours and general demeanour. Then GO WITHIN and meditate and ask to be shown how to change these aspects of your for the better. A great way of of finishing every introspective meditation truly up beat is to unite in love and light, peace and tranquility with Lady Gaia to radiate this beauty through the universe, which of course is also within you.

3 - This moon combination enhances our INTUITION enormously. Our sub-consciousness becomes so alive it is like it is our consciousness. So if you are getting a sense to do something, then listen. Emotions are stronger so you may not be able to ignore the sense for change, you will not be able to hold back from this. So make time to take guidance from the tarot, dreams, channelling or the overwhelming itch that has to be listened too (your intuition). You will be getting very clear signals from the universe about where you are heading on your souls' journey or messages about the here and now.

4 - How often do you stop to say THANK YOU for life itself. For our planet. For the Universe we live in. Well, it is time to do this so much more and be grateful for everything, even the challenging times for they are the lead in to the changes required to receive great opportunities and to manifest magic into your life. Positive, heart felt, up beat gratitude attracts beautiful abundance into our lifes.

5 -Lighting a candle and connecting wit the cosmic flow of life to send BLESSINGS and HEALING to those you love, those you know, those you don't know, world situations is such a powerful way to free your soul of burden and to strengthen your connection to your higher intuitive self.

6 - If you feel intensely sad or irritated you will need to embrace SELF-HEALING (or healing from others) to remove the pain of trauma, grief or confusion. if you ignore this, you will keep returning to this over the next 6 months.

7 - This moon is about coming together to support our planet to heal and unite. Through unity comes freedom from imaginary boundaries that the human population has created over hundreds of years. Those of religion, taxes, politics. Right now coming together in circles to hold the light is very powerful. UNITE AND AMPLIFY THE ENERGY.

So if you want to join with me, maybe light yourself a candle tonight, send your light to heal and spend a little time writing your known habits that you would like to let go of. It will help as we move through the exercises.

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