Super Blue Blood Moon - Step 2 Introspection

Yesterday you faced the tough stuff! Those pesky emotions that have bubbled away for ages. Of course, we know that the release yesterday is just the beginning.

It can take up to 6 months for the brain to recognise and accept the change. The human brain needs this time for its neuro changes to take place and become the norm and for the chemical changes in the body to become in balance. When living within a fear flow (or a negative pathway) the body secretes cortisol. This chemical builds up and makes you want to fight or flee; it inhibits empathy and as a human we begin to switch off from those around us.

By releasing the bottled emotions yesterday, you have told your brain that you no longer want this chemical to rule your life, instead you want to feel great. So we need to replace all the focus on the negative and turn this to positive things. If you chose to walk yesterday this started releasing endorphins which made you feel good (although temporarily).

It is time now to be introspective (which mean looking within), so you can focus on creating seratonin the chemical that transforms everything positively- it comes from feeling good about yourself.


1) Light a candle

2) Meditate if you know how, if not just sit quietly

3) Introspection requires honesty and time. Reflect on why you allowed negative things to impact on you. Don't dwell on it. Instead acknowledge that this occurred and that you are now learning from that experience

4) Once this has been acknowledged. it is time to make changes to you.

5) Turn your focus to the things you can change in your daily routine which will make you feel good and increase your seratonin.

These can be some of the things you may wish to focus on:

Your children - are you spending enough time being a parent? When you create the time to really do things with your children and you can see that you are showing them their strengths, that you are empowering them to make good choices, that you are building their confidence, that they know you really listen and you do hear them: you see the transformation in your relationship - you really get a sense of success and pride in you.

Your own education. Do you want to read more, learn more? Do you do this? if you don't then start to do this. You will feel good in yourself that you are giving you time to become more educated and this will build your confidence when communicating with others.

Making a decision. List the things you have had niggling in the background of your mind or on your 'to do' list for ages. Take each task in your hands and imagine placing this in your heart. Once you can see it there then ask Archangel Chamuel to show you the correct decision to take. Then take it - just making a decision empowers you and raises the seratonin levels.

Exercise - set an achievable goal. Then do it. Reaching that goal, and maybe exceeding it will make you feel tremendous.

Maybe, distance yourself from people and activities that surround you in lower behaviours and instead surround yourself with positive, illuminating, dynamic, kind, heart-felt genuine people and situations.

Keep going until you can't think of any more. You may wish to do this over a period of time

The key to continuing to release negative emotions and grow self-esteem is to move you into positive environments and to be with positive people and to increase your seratonin by feeling good about you. Have good integrity and illuminate the best of you, for then you will receive the best of others.

6) It is good practice to keep opening up by sharing or discussing your positive changes with those you care about. They can then boost you every day as you continue to make positive seratonin building successes in your life

7) Drink plenty of water, thank those you have helped you and in particular give yourself a pat on the back for being so honest with yourself and changing your life for the better

Introspection is a great discipline for daily self-improvement. Make a decision to make this daily practice

If you feel you need support and guidance to get to grips with this practice then please register your interest here for workshops or retreats..

These workshop will focus on relaxation through meditation, introspective meditation and using meditative time to unite in love and light to increase inner peace and tranquility and to radiate this light to the universe for others and for you to receive. Working with the Archangels and orbs to show different techniques to help you find peaceful meditative


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