Super Blue Blood Moon - Step 3 Blessing and Healing

So we have now begun our journey and opened our hearts and had a time of introspection.

You may feel that you wish to re-visit steps 1 and 2 again before you spend a day sending blessings to others and receiving healing from the cosmic flow of life. Please go at your own pace.

When you are ready please:

1) Light a candle and ask for its light to reach others

2) Ask the Universal Light Beings to shower you, those you love, others and our planet with the light from the web of life. To connect you to the cosmic flow of life.

Open you arms, heart and soul to receive this.

3) Ask the Universal Light beings to send blessings to you, those you love, others and our planet to light up the day with happiness, joy, love and inner peace.

Open you arms, heart and soul to receive this.

4) Ask the Universal Light beings to bring healing to you, those you love, others and our planet

Open you arms, heart and soul to receive this. Relax and allow the healing to work on the emotional, mental and physical levels of our aura and within the human body.

5) Whilst bathed in this beautiful light, and whilst fully relaxed ask for that which you wish to manifest to come to reality in your daily life. Just enjoy the relaxation and light until you wish to stop.

6) Please thank the universal beings for their love and generosity.

If you wish to learn to connect to the cosmic flow of life, including the Rays of Light and the Metatron Cube; or if you wish to access Atlantean, Lemurian or Arcturian healing or understand more about the universal laws, please register your interest here.

These workshops will connect you with the masters and the rays of light; they will connect you with the Archangels and their etheric retreats; they will allow you to connect with the ascension planets and understand the connection to the human, our Earth and the cosmic chakras through the Metatron Cube; they will give you level 1, level 2 and master levels of healing in Atlantean, Lemurian and Arcturian healing and walk you through the spiritual laws.

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