Super Blue Blood Moon - Step 4 Gratitude

February 4, 2018

This is such a wonderful and easy thing to do and makes you feel so good. great for increasing seratonin!


It is simple - be grateful. Showing gratitude is very positive and attracts a positive response from the universe to provide for you.


As you awake from your sleep be grateful for the new day.

Throughout the day be grateful for life, be grateful for everything you have an enjoy, be grateful for the things that challenge you, for they drive you to be a better version of you and to seek introspection

Be grateful for nature and the abundance it brings us

be grateful and bless your food and water

As you lay down to sleep be grateful for your day, for life, our planet, the universe, the Angelic beings.


You may wish to light a candle to share your happiness

You may wish to write and sing a song


What ever you want to do, enjoy it fully and love being grateful.



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