Full Moon tonight - Be You, Free Your Mind and Follow Your Pathway

The Aquarian full moon tonight is such a wonderful freeing opportunity to stop, breathe, re-balance and truly follow your intuition. This full moon is likely to make us sensitive and maybe even weepy, we may not even know why.. don't resist, instead breathe and be kind to you. This full moon encourages us to be the individial we are, to become the best version we can be and to follow our instincts. Time to break away from our patterned beliefs and the 'herd mentality' and instead start to embrace what is right for us. It is the perfect time to allow your higher energy to flow through you and to open your solar plexus chakra and beam your Divine Light to the world.

To do this: Imagine yourself standing in a beautiful yellow sunshine light, breathe this into your cells and aura and as you do ask for guidance and strength to be the best iluminated version of you. If you get weepy, let this out. If you feel angry, breathe through this as you become adjusted to the newly aligned you.. in other words flow and allow, resitence is prolonging this awakening and new beginning. If you need help please call upon Archangel Uriel to help with this.

Photograph by Diana Cooper

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