Mastering an Abundance Mindset - Part 2

A little more about the ego...

The ego thrives when in 3rd dimensional light. This means the ego, thriving in a lower frequency than that of self-love often ends up influencing our thoughts and our actions and this in turn creates a physical reaction within our bodies and plays havoc with our emotions and thoughts.

Patterned behaviours are typically reactions we have gathered along the way. They become very familiar, even when they do not serve our greater good, we still choose to behave as we have become used to doing. Even if this means bringing us pain.

Maybe a song, a smell, a way someone looks at you can trigger a physical release of adrenaline which if unchecked, will cause the body to go 'out of balance' for a while; often taking days to recover. The ego is a tricky energy to master.

The ego also has an effect on abundance as it can cause us to delete good ideas, avoid taking action, delay making decisions, create a fear to stop us taking action just in case something might happen in the future.... it has so many ways to try and keep the status quo.... to the point that if lots of money is received it won't be long before the ego finds a way to spend lots so that the usual amount of money in the bank is back to normal. The way to start to make changes is to understand the higher light energy of self-love ...

I could write a book on the ego and the signs and tips to master this...maybe I will!

So here is another inspirational video and well worth the watch! It does work! Anyone who knows me says i say 'breathe' ......

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