The Awakening of the Divine I AM

Since the cosmic moment our world has been awakening and preparing for a universal shift in collective consciousness to move every human being into the 5th Dimensional light; the light of collective consciousness. This is the most natural and enlightening process, yet probably the easiest for the human ego to resist.

The last 9 years has been preparing us for the here and now. Illuminating us through the cosmic moment and bringing us guidance and support through this awakening shift, to this period in time. This has been a roller-coaster of emotions for most people. For those who understand the tarot they will know the impact of a 9. The 9 is a culmination of circumstances that brings the chaos before the dawn; the storm before the calm. The 9 stirs up everything that has to be stirred to shift things around to make us sit up and listen, to take an interest in our own life and to remove all the ‘stuff’ that just doesn’t feel right any more.

September 2016 sees a triple nine, three times this month.

9th of the 9th month of 2016 (9). Added together 9+9+2+0+1=6 = 27; again 2+7=9.

18th (9) of the 9th month of 2016 (9). Added together 1+8+9+2+0+1+6 = 27; again 2+7=9

27th (9) of the 9th month of 2016 (9). Added together 2+7+9+2+0+1+6 = 27; again 2+7 = 9

For those of you who understands the tarot, this is an end of a 9-year cycle, the absolute chaos before the new dawn, the storm before the calm. A really good shake up of the human conscience; a universal shift in human consciousness but three times as strong! You may find you are resisting everything or you may be so eager for the shift, but not know what this is going to be. Both are OK feelings because they need to be acknowledged.

So why is this any different to the end of any other 9-year cycle? This end brings us to a new beginning in the age of Aquarius; the New Age. The perfect time to strengthen your connection to your Divine I AM. To be wiser, stronger and be rewarded.

The 9th September sees Jupiter shift from detailed Virgo into people-orientated Libra seeing major relationship shifts and even changes to make sure your next 9 years are set up for you. Being very mindful to connect to your Divine I AM and follow the Spiritual Laws is so important to ensure the script your write (remember you are the Director of your life) for the next 9 years is a really great one.

As Mercury is in retrograde during this time up to 21st September it is a wonderful time to build the connection to your Divine I AM and to write the script and then allow the detail to unfold through to October 6th as Virgo is still helping with this. It is time to generate work based on that which you have received, be committed to it to get ready to start to disseminate it

As Mercury in retrograde comes towards the end the September 16th Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse helps with our commitment to spiritual intentions. As these emotions flow to shore on the 18th September ( the second of the 9th) it will show us whether our ego has got in the way or whether we have connected to our Divine I AM and are committed through intention and action to our higher pathways.

Then moving to 27th September (3rd 9) the energy changes and starts to prepare us for the black new moon on the 30th September which now opens the curtain on your new 9-year journey defining a new focus, new pace and passion for the next 9 years.

Kathy is promoting a workshop to support the awakening of the Divine I AM 24 September 2016. Divinely timed. Watch her event page, further blogs and social media for updates...

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