Align your Human Self to your Divine Light of Creation

This is for both beginners and those more advanced at working with the spiritual light as you will learn new techniques only just coming to this planet. 


People all over the world are starting to stand up for what they sense is right on a deep spiritual level and opportunities for spiritual growth are quite amazing. Each of us are entering a time of divine alignment on an unprecedented level where we can truly awaken within and embody the pure light of our higher selves; and connect with our divine origins and lineage. Connecting to our own Divine Light of Creation will help us to truly know who we are and why we are here. As we embody this higher light we can live life as our true authentic self.

This 1-day workshop will help you to connect your inner child, your 12 chakras and your higher Divine Light to bring you are stronger feeling of completeness.

What to expect on this course:

  • An understanding of the 12 chakras

  • A cleansing of the 12 chakras with crystal singing bowls, which will also support healing and alignment of these chakras.

  • A stronger connection to your inner child

  • An understanding of what the Divine Light of Creation is.

  • How this light is felt within us

  • Why the Divine Light of Creation is important?

  • Exercises to connect to and work with the pure light of your higher self. 

  • Exercises to remove resistance or fear to this connection and any present and past life issues limiting you or holding you back at this time. 


The course costs £77 and is being held at Tara Yoga Centre, 25-31 Ironmonger Row, Old Street, London, EC1V 3QW 11am – 5pm

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