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Spiritual Development Workshops - The Butterfly Pathway 


The Pathway to Access Your Spiritual Gifts and to connect you firmly to Your souls delight


Be enlightened and flow with life


This pathway is for people who wish to discover their spiritual gifts and would like to know how to work safely with them.


The Spiritual Meaning of the Butterfly is:

  • Personal Transformation of your personality and Life

  • Moving from one stage in your life to the next - rebirthing

  • Letting go and becoming light and playful

  • Rising above things that bring you down

  • Connecting to the inner you, your soul

  • Loving who you are


This is an interactive Group Workshop. 

Aim: This course is for people who wish to connect to the Universal Beings.


With the guidance of the angels, Kathy will take you on journeys to help achieve spiritual awakening, growth, enlightenment, and ascension. You will be working with others to understand and develop your spiritual gifts, to move into your dharmic pathway to work for your higher good and the higher good of our planet, then the universe, and for all humanity.

These workshops are given on the day to Kathy by the angels and will reflect that which is needed at that time, both from a personal perspective and from a higher perspective.

Having a consistent group membership is important, so Kathy may suggest joining the existing membership or creating a new group. Payment can be made by session or in blocks of 4.

Join Our Online Spiritual Workshop 

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