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Cody Cooper recommends Kathy Crosswell Angelic Whisperer.

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Kathy is an exceptional mentor and teacher and has the skills to assist others in reaching deeper into their true soul self, to unlock their divine potential. She is so incredibly gifted with the Angelic realms and bringing through pertinent information that can assist others in soul-level transformation and healing. I have been delighted to connect with Kathy and exchange healings and readings together. Our Angelic team of support brought us together in the divine right timing, and when we learn to trust the nudge, the universe will always have our back! I feel lighter and freer just by having Kathy in my life. She has a true gift and is a blessing to this world. After my reading, I felt seen, heard, and valued— not to mention— inspired!

I would highly recommend connecting with her and receiving a reading— you will leave feeling uplifted in body, mind, and spirit.


"When Kathy invited me to join her group, I was honoured and grateful for the opportunity.  When I found out the group name was the "Butterfly Group", I loved it!  Butterflies have always had a special place in my heart.  When I was a young child, large Monarch butterflies would come and sit on my lap and my father was so amazed that he took home videos of me with the butterflies.  I love them; they are free and they bring so much joy into the world.  They are also all about transformation and renewal so I was pretty excited about joining this group.  At my first meeting, it was unbelievable.  I was so impressed with the other members of the group who were kind, supportive and made me feel so welcome.  They were also very humble about the spiritual gifts each of them had.  The energy in the group was relaxed which made it easy for me to express myself openly and to share my feelings and experiences that I had never experienced before.  Kathy's gifts and compassion made it comfortable for me tap into the angelic realms – as she guided me and the others in the group through the exercises.  It was amazing that I was able to experience the energies that I did.  I also loved the feedback and encouragement from the other members.  Now, my own spiritual gifts have started to awaken and it's a  beautiful thing. Wonderful things have also started to happen for me in my life since I joined the group.  Thank you so much Kathy for your help and your support.  I love this group and am very grateful to you!

Lots of love from Lynn in Canada xo"

USA Butterfly Group

Feedback from Lynn a new member

My session with Kathy was absolutely unbelievable.  I cried at the information that came through because it was so profound.  With the help of her guides and angels, Kathy was able to get to the heart of the matter and give me clear information about why I went through such a dark time over the last 11 years.  She shared a lot of insight and knowledge with me and it helped me move forward in my life with a renewed faith and confidence in my abilities.   She has such an amazing gift, is a humble soul and has a great sense of humour.  Kathy is the most gifted Medium I have ever met and I just can’t say enough good things about her. 
Thank you so much for helping me Kathy.  I’m so grateful to you.

love Lynn from Canada

1 to 1 Session

Testimonial from Lynn from Canada

What a wonderful experience! I come away really feeling my chakras and and the wondrous angelic support within them - my body feels like a  library/multidimensional space ship 

And the rays are starting to reveal themselves to be an available and fascinating source for me to explore and receive their amazing gifts.


Had some very powerful insights. Thank you




Online workshop Annabel

what an amazing day its been saw so many different colours ones iv'e never seen before ever !! the energy was just stunning and i would like to thank you Kathy for a wonderful day full of light and love :)

thankyou for all you have done for us all lots love xxxxxxx


A big thank you Kathy for a magical day, it was amazing! all the energy that we felt was so strong plus everyone one was so lovely and such a buzz from all that was going on, super day look out for that photo on the zip wire :) lots love Lindsay xxxxxxx


12 Steps to Enlightenment and Empowerment with Orbs testimonials

"My feelings are that you 'walk your talk' and by your honesty about your own issues to work through and your obvious integrity you create the space for people to go away thinking "I can do that as well". You felt grounded, warm and caring and your teaching was easily comprehended. For me passing on messages as a 'medium' is a great responsibility and should not be taken lightly. I think it is natural to wonder if you are good enough/or have it right. The fact that you feel this way, and still sit in the middle of a room and pass on 'truth' from the Angelic, takes courage and trust. Thank you." Kindest regards, Dawn Godfey-Cass


"Thank you so much for a lovely day that has really moved me forward. I feel I have been blessed. Thank you again," Robin


"What an amazing workshop kathy! Thanks-you do much...I really needed it to re-focus me on my soul! Bless you...can't wait until the next one!" Xxx Verity Felvert-Martin


Melody Chopla


Thank you for showing me the way. An amazing day full of wisdom, energy and connections! Jennie


Dear Kathy, Thank you for a wonderful day, really helped me to look at myself. Truda xx


Dear Kathy, Thank you for a wonderful day, with wonderful energy. I realise I have a lot more work to do on myself. Sally


Kathy, I’ve had the most amazing day, although we had our eyes closed while meditating, I really feel my eyes have been opened. Thank you so so much – I’m taking tons away with me. Marion x


Thank you Kathy. Wonderful workshop. Nickey Jorgenson


Thank you Kathy, an inspirational day, with love Valerie Gosling


So wonderful to meet you and its been a fab day. Lots of love and light Lindsay

Thank you Kathy for a lovely day – no doubt my life will start changing tomorrow! Tina

Thanks Kathy for a great day. Lots of info and well worthwhile. Brilliant! Janet


Thank you Kathy for a wonderful day. Had your work cut out with me but I know you like a challenge. Maggie


Wonderful to watch your huge light radiating and feel your wings enfolding everyone in the room and to hear your wisdom. Love Diana


Thank you Kathy for a wonderful day you are a strong beautiful woman. The workshop was fantastic. I am so pleased I had the chance to attend. Kelly


Thank you Kathy for an amazing day. What a difference it makes to my life. You are a very insightful and wise lady. Scott


Dearest Kathy, An amazing day of insight and connection. You made it special. Thank you. Love Diana


Kathy, Thank you so much for an amazing day. I feel so much more at peace and look forward to the future. Take care, Joanne J xx



Such an awwwwwsome eve with kathy and a amazing group of peeps :) found out loads this eve with a lovely new friend who made me laugh loads, and I was able to tune into her and wow results I even knew what was on her shopping list lol . thank you kathy for yet again a super course anyone can do this, time is not enough though to play !!!!!!!!!


Amazing evening spent with new friends and our beautiful teacher Kathy :) I had a very relaxed and fun time with everyone learnt loads now to put it to the test!!!!! such a great course to do.. everyone else must come you have no idea what your gifts are till you try this out i even managed to get the right teaspoon to the right owner YAY !!!! THANK YOU kathy but once a month is not enough lol xxxxxx


thank you again kathy for another eve with the psychic queen, certainly felt stuff going on tonight thanks for the advice from the angels i will doooo my best to leave lindsay on the sidelines lol xxx ♥ xxxxx enjoy your chocs and look forward to our next adventure in Merly hall xxxxxxx

Psychic Development Course

Dorset, United Kingdom

With Kathy, you can expect pretty much anything and beyond. She will tune in with your guides / angels and deliver to you the message/healing you need in the most sweet and loving manner. This session has been a life-changing experience for several reasons :

- The healing and the guidance given by the angels through Kathy have been enormous

- Kathy's integrity as a channel is really outstanding because she is a clairsentient and that messages are conveyed through her heart. She takes time to phrase, rephrase each message so that it reflects perfectly the truth. Like many clairsentient, she vibrates and is love and she is able to sustain very high frequencies which is not always an easy thing to do (being myself a healer and a channel, I know what it takes)

- I've received a real and profound understanding of my chakras which was enlightening in so many ways

I feel I am ready now to step up into my own Goddess energy, to start the work and shine my light and my joy. Thank you Kathy and a thousand blessings to you"

Fana Gueye


Had a 1-1 session with Kathy yesterday,  right where to start,  i'm not going to go into every little detail of what Kathy channeled for me from the universal / archangels xx  because obviously the advice given to me is going to be different for anyone else, but what I will tell you is when Kathy connects, you instantly realize that you are as equally important to spirit as anyone else is on this planet, you do matter, you can make a difference and you can take back with the help of Kathy all the power that you have given away to other people, who feel the need to control you and what happens in your life. OK you can choose to ignore the advice given to you and carry on walking around in circles or you can use this advice and walk along the path that your soul has chosen for you, Kathy touched upon many things that had happened to me over the years and how i had blocked certain chakra's and that the angels insisted that Kathy should take me on a beautiful meditation that I could use over and over again to help release those blockage by myself.  I was also given advice on what to do if a problem arouse in the future which I could not handle. Kathy had me in stitches when she jogged my memory at the way I had handled  certain things in the past, she is so friendly and funny, she really makes you feel at ease, its like I've always known her. I must admit when I was told what my future job will be and who is going to help guide me along the way I was shocked beyond belief, me? 'No surely not me' I was thinking, 'i'm just a cleaner, a mop pusher, have been for the last 8 yrs', not that i'm ashamed of that, but wow, now when I look back I can see all the little connections with certain things that have happened and thoughts that I've had that are all linked to the path I am now hoping  to go down. I was kind of being prepared without even knowing it, there is so much more that Kathy helped me with that I haven't mentioned, please please if your going to do yourself just one favor in this life for your spiritual growth or for some other reason, please take a 1-1 with Kathy, I promise you that you wont be disappointed,  thank you Kathy xxx


Caroline Holden


Last week I had a 1:1 session with Kathy and it was truly awe inspiring, and I don't use this term lightly. I felt that throughout the session we were totally simpatico, Kathy having an extraordinary gift of clairsentience. She gently led me on a journey of self discovery and healing, the like of which I have never experienced before. I was given confirmation and validation of myself as a person and the unique gifts I have to offer humanity and the planet and I also forged a deeper relationship with my spirit guide. The healing continued after the session had come to a close and I spent a magical night in communication with my guide and the Arch Angels. I now feel able to step forward into my future with a sense of confidence and excitement as I realise my potential and what part I play in the planetary transition. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to Kathy and I would therefore highly recommend a 1:1 session to everyone.

You are a remarkable lady, Kathy, and an outstanding gift to humanity.

Thank you so much.

Lots of Love


Linda x 

United Kingdom

I have had a few readings before but a 1:1 with Kathy was a completely different experience for me.  She has such a strong connection to her guides among whom is Wywyvsil, a Power and a Lord of Karma.  I had a list of questions and all were answered.  All answers were clear, understandable and meaningful.  I was also given wonderful additional information, which I certainly wasn’t aware about, that will help me on my spiritual path. It is amazing to watch such a lovely, loving person who is so good at what they do.  I cannot recommend Kathy for guidance or help highly enough.  I still regularly thank Spirit for bringing Kathy into my life.


Laurence Kingsbury 

United Kingdom

My 1 to 1 with Kathy was beyond my wildest expectations! She connected me to my guides, gave me priceless insight to my gifts, how to access them and much, much more. We laughed, we cried, we connected and I felt a shift in energy that has grounded me to my ascension path. The love, kindness and caring which radiates from Kathy is a big celestial hug from the Universe. Love and light, Linda O'Donnell 










Linda O'Donnell


Despite going over the allotted time Kathy happily answered all my questions, which makes her reading excellent value for money. Kathy’s genuine desire to do her best makes one feel really special.











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Kathy's reading resonated with me, and brought forward information to questions that I had been searching answers for, for over 20 years. It is very freeing and liberating. Her information is well presented, and written with much compassion."

Mariette Thomas

City, State

Kathy gave me a Soul Reading recently. Just wanted to say. I have been stuck for many years (since I was little girl really).. just something not right no matter what or how happy i was. The reading (never had one before) .. was very compassionate. detailed.. and each paragraph resonated at the core of my soul.. everything became clear...Magical....and fundamentally it has changed my perception of myself something i had always worked hard on but never quite got there... The reading is comprehensive and encapsulated the "I" meaning to another level.. Kathy has so much compassion and love in the reading that u know inside your heart ..that if you feel you want to move stuff on for yourself without wasting any more time ( tick tock 21 Dec , not that far away) Ask Kathy for a Soul Reading it will change your LIFE:) Love and light to you Kathy xx


City, State

Kathy’s 1:1 reading just blew me away …. Her ability to describe details from my past life and connect them to my future was fascinating. Kathy gave me a clear picture of my spiritual purpose and answers that no-one else has been able to in over 20 years, an indisputable testament to her remarkable ability. I received a message from Archangel Gersisa during the reading, an incredible and truly humbling experience.











City, State

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