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Cody Cooper, USA

Kathy is an exceptional mentor and teacher and has the skills to assist others in reaching deeper into their true soul self, to unlock their divine potential. She is so incredibly gifted with the Angelic realms and bringing through pertinent information that can assist others in soul-level transformation and healing. I have been delighted to connect with Kathy and exchange healings and readings together.


Our Angelic team of support brought us together at the divine right timing, and when we learn to trust the nudge, the universe will always have our back! I feel lighter and freer just by having Kathy in my life. She has a true gift and is a blessing to this world. After my reading, I felt seen, heard, and valued— not to mention— inspired!

I would highly recommend connecting with her and receiving a reading— you will leave feeling uplifted in body, mind, and spirit.

Fana Gueye, Singapore

With Kathy, you can expect pretty much anything and beyond. She will tune in with your guides/angels and deliver to you the message/healing you need in the sweetest and most loving manner. This session has been a life-changing experience for several reasons :

The healing and the guidance given by the angels through Kathy have been enormous

Kathy's integrity as a channel is really outstanding because she is a clairsentient and messages are conveyed through her heart. She takes time to the phrase and rephrases each message so that it reflects perfectly the truth. Like many clairsentient, she vibrates and is loved and she is able to sustain very high frequencies which is not always an easy thing to do (being a healer and a channel, I know what it takes)

I've received a real and profound understanding of my chakras which was enlightening in so many ways

I feel I am ready now to step up into my own Goddess energy, to start the work and shine my light and my joy. Thank you, Kathy, and a thousand blessings to you"

Caroline Holden, Wales

Had a 1-1 session with Kathy yesterday,  right where to start,  i'm not going to go into every little detail of what Kathy channeled for me from the universal / archangels xx  because obviously the advice given to me is going to be different for anyone else, but what I will tell you is when Kathy connects, you instantly realize that you are as equally important to spirit as anyone else is on this planet, you do matter, you can make a difference and you can take back with the help of Kathy all the power that you have given away to other people, who feel the need to control you and what happens in your life. OK you can choose to ignore the advice given to you and carry on walking around in circles or you can use this advice and walk along the path that your soul has chosen for you, Kathy touched upon many things that had happened to me over the years and how i had blocked certain chakra's and that the angels insisted that Kathy should take me on a beautiful meditation that I could use over and over again to help release those blockage by myself.  I was also given advice on what to do if a problem arouse in the future which I could not handle. Kathy had me in stitches when she jogged my memory at the way I had handled  certain things in the past, she is so friendly and funny, she really makes you feel at ease, its like I've always known her. I must admit when I was told what my future job will be and who is going to help guide me along the way I was shocked beyond belief, me? 'No surely not me' I was thinking, 'i'm just a cleaner, a mop pusher, have been for the last 8 yrs', not that i'm ashamed of that, but wow, now when I look back I can see all the little connections with certain things that have happened and thoughts that I've had that are all linked to the path I am now hoping  to go down. I was kind of being prepared without even knowing it, there is so much more that Kathy helped me with that I haven't mentioned, please please if your going to do yourself just one favor in this life for your spiritual growth or for some other reason, please take a 1-1 with Kathy, I promise you that you won't be disappointed,  thank you Kathy xxx


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