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Archangel Gabriel and Hope


Kathy and Scott have been asked to hold the frequency of 144 and Divine love throughout as Archangels Gabriel and Hope infuse their energy into this CD/MP3. This is so you are surrounded by love and held in the Divine frequency as you connect and align with these qualities


Please find a comfortable place to sit or lay; relax and enjoy.


Please relax and focus on your breath. With every in-breath Archangels Gabriel and Hope heighten your spiritual antenna so that you create a strong and direct connection to your angel guides and with every out-breath, they strengthen your belief that you can let go of everything that creates a foggy distraction to your clear sight.  You are asked to work with Archangels Gabriel and Hope so that you act on this deepening clarity, take actions, and feel good about them; so that you can manifest your Divine Abundance of inner peace, happiness, joy, love, perfect health along with success and wealth.


Let every cell in your body be your antenna.

Archangels Gabriel and Hope Sound Journey Meditation

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