Channelled Sessions


These sessions are for anyone who wishes to ask a question of The Universal Angels.


The Session will give you an overview of your energy centres (chakras) and your energy bodies (auras) to help you understand you better.


Kathy will help you gain an understanding of your Etheric Body and how your energy and that of the Global Consciousness is affecting you.


The sessions are channelled and as such the information shared is what the Universal Light Beings wish you to know. Kathy may be guided to share information from a previous life if this is relevant to your particular questions. She may be guided to help you understand your spiritual gifts. She may be guided to connect you to your guardian angel or other sentient beings. She may be guided to offer healing.


As these sessions are 'All About You!' the guidance given will be what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to know.  

Please feel free to ask Kathy questions, she is very happy to ask for you.

Block 1 to 1 sessions. 5 for the price of 4.


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