One to One Sessions




One to One Channelled Sessions (Click)


This session will focus on you. It will give you an overview of you from the perspective you wish to follow and focus on the questions you need answering. 

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Block of 5 One to One Sessions (Click)


Book 5 One to One sessions for the price of 4.

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Angel Readings (Click)

Intuitive Angel Readings using various different decks of cards

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Orb Interpretations and Connection Readings (Click)


This session will focus on the Orbs captured within the photo, why they are there and you will be guided to make a connection to the universal energies within.

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Quick question Session (Click)

This is for people who have a quick question they would like answered.  

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Hummingbird Pathway Sessions - Be Amazing! Love You! (Click)

The Pathway to self-love


This pathway is for people who feel any aspect of their life is out of balance and they wish to address this. 


The Spiritual Meaning of the Hummingbird  is:


  • Letting the light of your soul shine

  • Enjoying life

  • Living in the now

  • Being independent

  • Being playfulness and joyous

  • Letting go of negativity

  • Always moving forward

  • Responding quickly 


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